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Yacht, Dinghy and Marine Ropes

Yacht, Dinghy and Marine Ropes

Our boat ropes are great to handle, with excellent breaking strengths. They can be used for a wide range of applications, and all are sold cut to length by the metre and on discounted 100m reels.

Look here also for sail ties, splicing equipment and webbing / twines.

Browse the full range today. It is easy to order online. And we specialise in fast deliveries!

    Marine Ropes: our comprehensive guide

    Whether you’re a competitive sailor preparing for your next race, you own a holiday yacht, or you just like pootling about on the water, our extensive marine collection has something to suit your needs.

    We supply a comprehensive range of yacht ropes, dinghy ropes, docklines, floatlines and braids - all of which are manufactured to the highest standards and perfect for mooring and rigging. They're designed with maximum safety and comfort in mind and, with a wide choice of diameters and colours. 

    Take, for example, the 4MM Evolution Race 78. This particular dinghy rope is available in blue, red, and black and it is suitable for use as a halyard, sheet, control line, kicker, backstay and much more.

    Browse the full range today and, if you have any questions about our yacht ropes, please email


    How often should you replace marine ropes?

    This depends on a variety of factors, including:

    • the material from which the rope is made
    • how well it’s been cared for and maintained
    • where it’s been kept
    • the water type (e.g. salt or freshwater)
    • environmental conditions

    For most marine ropes, general guidelines typically advise replacing them every 6-7 years.

    However, if they’ve been used in particularly harsh conditions (e.g. where they’ve been subject to sun exposure, saltwater corrosion, harsh weather conditions etc.), they may need replacing sooner – possibly around every 3-4 years – to ensure their safety, comfort and effectiveness.

    Or, for aesthetic reasons, you may wish to update them much more frequently than this!

    If it is time to freshen up your boat ropes, our full range is in stock and ready for immediate dispatch – so you won’t be waiting too long to set sail again. Plus, all the products in our marine collection are made to the highest standard, with maximum durability in mind. Which means, they last a long time (even in the toughest environments) and are excellent value for money.


    Which is the strongest boat rope in our range?

    All of our boat ropes demonstrate fantastic levels of strength and sturdiness. However, if you’re looking for a product that offers maximum muscle, we recommend our Dyneema® range by Kingfisher – found in the ‘Dinghy Rope’ section above.

    Dyneema® is the world’s strongest ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. In fact, it’s stronger than steel – but it’s also thinner, lighter, self-lubricating and significantly easier to handle. Which is why, it’s now often used as an alternative to steel wire rope.

    Aside from their impressive strength, Dyneema® ropes also demonstrate:

    • excellent durability
    • a low-density construction, which allows them to float on water
    • water-repellence
    • superior resistance to chemicals, abrasion and UV rays
    • self-lubrication
    • ultra-low stretch (3-4% at breaking load)
    • low electrical conductivity

    As such, they’re an ideal option for marine applications such as rigging, cruising and dinghies.


    What should I choose for rigging or dinghy ropes?

    We have two main sections to look at – dinghy ropes and cruising ropes – featuring an extensive selection of Polyester and Dyneema ropes from Kingfisher, one of the most respected manufacturers in the sailing world.  


    How about mooring on waterways, onshore or offshore?

    As well as Dyneema, Polysteel ropes are frequently used for mooring, towing and other offshore purposes because they are strong and long lasting. (Leaded Polysteel is the choice for crab and lobster pot lines as the lead filaments help the rope submerge.)

    We also stock an excellent range of Polyester ropes, including ready-made mooring lines, which are popular with leisure boaters.


    Why choose RopesDirect for marine ropes?

    Based in the heart of the Norfolk Broads – not far from the North Sea – we have a good understanding of what boat owners require.  As such, we always have a comprehensive range of marine ropes to choose from, including everything from cruising ropes and dinghy ropes to lines, twines and webbing, mooring and anchoring ropes and elastic sail ties.

    We even have a selection of handy splicing equipment and tools. So, whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it here.

    Our top priority is to make sure we have happy customers.

    All of our boat ropes are of the highest possible quality, yet available for an affordable price. Plus, as we keep the warehouse fully stocked, we can always offer a quick turnaround. Just place your order by 12 pm and it’ll be quickly parcelled up and delivered with care in just 1-2 working days.

    It’s also worth noting, we’re experts in our field. We have excellent knowledge of all the products available in our store and, as a friendly bunch, we’re always happy to help. So if you have any questions or would like advice on the best boat ropes for you, feel free to get in touch.


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