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Swings - Wooden & Plastic

Swings - Wooden & Plastic

It doesn’t matter how old you are, a garden isn’t complete without a rope swing.

That’s why, as part of our ‘Play is Fun!’ collection – here at Ropes Direct – we have a diverse range of wooden and plastic tree swings to choose from. All of which are of the highest quality, yet available for a very competitive price, and can be thoroughly enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our full range today and invest in a bit of fun for all the family.


  • Oak Swing for Trees

    Oak Swing for Trees

    Solid Oak Rope Swing for trees, pergolas and porches. A solid oak swing seat crafted from English grown oak sourced from a family run hardwood timber mill in Norfolk. The oak seat has been lightly…

    £198.00 Inc VAT

    £198.00 Inc VAT

  • Wooden Swing Seat - Pinewood

    Wooden Swing Seat - Pinewood

    Childrens Swings / Wooden Swings Childrens treated wooden swing with 12mm adjustable synthetic hemp rope. Ideal for outdoor garden swings when hung from a tree or a timber swing set. The lengt…

    £29.52 Inc VAT

    £29.52 Inc VAT

  • Wooden Swing Seat - Hardwood

    Wooden Swing Seat - Hardwood

    Childrens Hardwood Swing Childrens varnished hardwood swing with 10mm adjustable polypropylene rope. Ideal as an outdoor garden swing when hung from a tree or a timber frame swing set. The len…

    £16.80 Inc VAT

    £16.80 Inc VAT

  • Moulded Swing Seat

    Moulded Swing Seat

    Childrens Plastic Swing Set Childrens moulded red plastic swing with adjustable 12mm synthetic hemp ropes. The length of the swing is 2.00m and the moulded plastic seat has a width of 440mm …

    £27.36 Inc VAT

    £27.36 Inc VAT

  • Rubber Swing Seat

    Rubber Swing Seat

    Childrens Swings / Heavy Duty Rubber Swing Childrens heavy duty rubber swing with 12mm adjustable synthetic hemp rope. Ideal for outdoor garden swings when hung from a tree or a timber swing set…

    £69.18 Inc VAT

    £69.18 Inc VAT

  • Wooden Monkey Swing

    Wooden Monkey Swing

    Childrens Wooden Monkey Swing. Childrens monkey swing made with varnished plywood and soft feel 12mm synthetic hemp rope for strength and durability outdoors. The seat is 20mm thick and has a d…

    £26.76 Inc VAT

    £26.76 Inc VAT

  • Plastic monkey swing

    Plastic monkey swing

    Childrens Plastic Monkey Swing. Childrens monkey swing made with a plastic moulded yellow seat and soft feel 12mm synthetic hemp rope for strength and durability outdoors. The seat is 40mm thick…

    £27.96 Inc VAT

    £27.96 Inc VAT

  • Monkey Swing for Zip Wire

    Monkey Swing for Zip Wire

    Childrens Plastic Monkey Swing for Zip Wire Childrens monkey swing made with a plastic moulded green seat and soft feel 12mm synthetic hemp rope for strength and durability outdoors. Supplied with…

    £27.60 Inc VAT

A rope swing to suit all preferences

We currently stock three main types of tree swing, including:

1. Wooden swings

Our solid oak rope swing is one of the most popular products in this range. The oak itself is sourced from a family-run hardwood timber mill in Norfolk. Therefore, it’s of an exceptional quality, demonstrates excellent strength and durability, and boasts a beautiful natural appearance. This is a large swing, measuring 750mm x 250mm, and comes paired with 16mm synthetic hemp rope. We also have a:

2. Plastic swings

A variety of plastic tree swings are also available. These have a moulded, wrap-around or solid design and feature either a classic rectangular or monkey-swing seat. They all come with 12mm synthetic hemp rope and galvanised steel rings as standard. And, as a modern alternative to the traditional wooden tree swing, they’re a particularly good option for younger children.

3. Rubber rope swings

Lastly, we also stock a heavy-duty rubber tree swing. This has a moulded rubber seat, steel clasps, and is teamed with 12mm synthetic hemp rope. Again, it’s a popular choice for small children.

All of the rope swings outlined above come pre-assembled with height adjustable ropes, and are ready for installation. However, if you wish to lengthen the swing – and ensure the best possible finish – we also have a range of extension ropes, adjustment ropes, and swing hooks available.

Constructed from the finest materials, our tree swings demonstrate excellent strength, safety, and durability – and are designed to withstand the outdoor elements for many years. Yet despite this, they still have a very pleasant appearance and are a nice finishing touch to any garden.

What’s more – whether you opt for wood, plastic or rubber – all of our rope tree swings are very easy to install and can be quickly hung from a tree branch, pergola, porch or children’s timber swing set. For more information and installation tips, check out our blog ‘How to hang a tree swing in your back garden’, and we guarantee it’ll be up-and-running and ready to enjoy in no time.

Invest in a rope swing for your garden

To find the perfect new addition for your garden – and put a huge smile on your family’s face – why not browse the full collection? Once you’ve found a rope swing that would work well in your outdoor space, add it to your basket and checkout. If you order before 12 noon, the pre-assembled rope swing will be boxed up and delivered to your chosen address the next day. Simple as that.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team have outstanding knowledge of the rope tree swings available, and will gladly advise on both the best product for your needs and any additional fittings you may require. Either give us a call on 01692 671721 or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.



How much do rope swings cost?

This depends on the type of swing chosen and whether you wish to add any extras to your order.

Here at Ropes Direct, our pre-made rope swings are priced very competitively, starting from just £16.80 for a classic hardwood swing seat to £198 for a solid oak design. Metal fittings and extension ropes are charged separately. But again, as an exclusively online supplier, we’re able to offer these at the best possible price.

What’s more, our delivery charges are minimal – and if you’d like to keep costs down even further, you can collect your new tree swing for free from our warehouse.

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