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Bungee / Shock Cord

Bungee / Shock Cord

Bungee / Shock Cord

Shock Cord is also known as Bungee Cord or Elastic Cord.

Our 'black and white with fleck' Bungee Cords have a marine-quality Polyester outer cover with a natural rubber core - resulting in a waterproof, long-lasting, wear-resistant Bungee Cord with excellent UV resistance.

Our other colours have a Polypropylene cover with a rubber core - an excellent, general purpose Bungee Cord with good UV-resistance.

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    Bungee / Shock Cord

    Bungee / Shock Cord from RopesDirect

    All of our Bungee / Shock Cords are capable of 100% elongation (stretches to double their original length). Note - we do not recommend using at maximum stretch for safety, and to ensure they last longer.

    Bungee Cord is often used for

    • Marine, Sailing Boats and other Small Boats
    • Canoes and Kayaks
    • Caravans and Camping
    • Car, Boat and Trailer Covers
    • Roof-Racks, Pick-Ups and Curtain-Sides
    • Tarpaulins and Trampolines
    • Commercial and Industrial

    We keep a full range of sizes: 3mm to 16mm in our solid black shock cord / flecked white shock cord, and 3-6mm in neon yellow shock cord / 12 other colours. All can be purchased by the metre in single or multiple lengths, or on discount 100m reels.

    We can also supply spiral metal shock cord hooks in 6, 8 and 10mm.

    More information

    This is a tough, ready, hard-wearing product. Using a shock-resistant rubber core together with a braided Polyester sheath, the elasticated shock cords we provide are resistant to damage, wear and tear and also retain their functionality after expose to water and UV rays. This makes them resistant to the damaging effects of weather and means they are perfectly suited for use outdoors. Bungee Cords are ideal for use on trailers, as a way to secure roof racks and tarpaulins as well as for commercial and marine uses.


    They're ideal for marine use, as they are completely waterproof - neither the rubber core or the braided sheath will absorb or be damaged by water. Ideal for use outdoors and in boating, canoeing, kayaking and other marine applications.

    Strong and Elastic

    Our Bungee / Shock Cords offer industry-leading strength and resilience. This makes them ideal for use in tie-downs, to secure tarpaulins, and on trampolines.

    Our bungee cords can extend to a full 100% stretch elongation. However putting them under such extreme strain is not recommended. Using the cords at their maximum stretch should be avoided as a safety precaution. 

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