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Rope Ends - Splicing, Whipping & End Caps

Rope Ends - Splicing, Whipping & End Caps

Rope End Finishes

Want to add the final touch to your new rope?

Here at RopesDirect, not only do we have a comprehensive range of ropes and cords for you to choose from – we also offer a number of popular rope end finishes. Simply browse the collection, find the best one for your needs, and ensure your rope ends never fray or unravel.

    Rope ends to suit your every need

    We currently offer four types of rope finishes, all of which are created in-house to the highest standard and can be applied to your rope before dispatch:

    1. Soft eye splice

    Also known as a soft loop. This is created by looping the rope back on itself and interweaving the strands. It can be applied to all 3-strand and 4-strand fibre ropes, with a 6-60mm diameter, and is one of the strongest and most durable ways to introduce an eyelet.

    1. Hard eye splice

    This is created in exactly the same way as a soft splice. However, a galvanised metal thimble or stainless steel thimble is inserted into the eyelet. This is good for heavy-duty applications. Hard loops can be added to all 3-strand ropes with a 6-32mm diameter.

    To see how to do a splice yourself, scroll to the bottom or use this link to see our video. We also have a useful article here.

    1. Whipped end

    A traditional rope end finish. Flax twine is wound – or whipped – around each end of the rope. It prevents the fibres from unravelling and creates a tidy finish. This is a suitable option for 3 and 4-strand natural ropes, with a diameter of 6-60mm. Whipped ends can also be applied to synthetic ropes, however, these are usually sold heat-sealed and an additional finish may be unnecessary.

    1. Heat set end caps

    Also designed to prevent fraying, this effective finish creates a smooth yet rigid cap on the end of the rope. The cap itself is 4cm-12cm long (depending on the rope size)  and can be supplied either fitted (i.e. heat set) or loose (to fit yourself). Perfect for use with 3-strand natural ropes with a 6-60mm diameter. End caps are more durable than whipping, so this is a good option for ropes that will get a lot of use.

    We have a short film demonstrating heat set end caps and how to apply them yourself should you wish.


    How can I add a finish to my order?

    Add your new rope to your basket, then choose from our rope end finishes on this page and add it to your basket. You can give us more precise instructions during the checkout process - type them into the "delivery notes and additional comments" box (for example... "two lengths of synthetic hemp, each with one soft eye splice in one end - final measurement 1.2m each".

    Our craftsman will ensure your rope is modified accordingly, before parcelling it up and dispatching with our couriers. All of our rope ends are priced competitively, ranging from £3 - £36 depending on the type and size.

    If you have a question, or would like a little advice on the best rope end for you, please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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