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Manila Rope

Manila rope supplied on a the reel, coil or a length cut to size - between 6mm and 60mm in diameter and up to 220m in one continuous length.

Manila is a natural fibre rope made from the abacá (Musa textilis) plant. Manila rope is strong, durable and flexible; Manila Rope will shrink when wet and can break down over time when outdoors. It’s resistant to damage by UV rays so can be left in direct sunlight.

      Manila rope to suit all needs and preferences

      Our customers use Manila rope for projects including

      • Lawn edging
      • Fencing
      • Decking
      • Barriers and handrails outdoors
      • Children’s play areas as swings, rope ladders etc
      • Boat fenders
      • Agriculture

      Our grade 1 manila ropes are available to buy:

      Plus, you can choose from a range of thicknesses – with diameters ranging from 6mm to 60mm. So whatever use you have in mind, you’re bound to find a rope that suits your needs.

      All of the manila ropes for sale in our store are low-cost yet high-quality.

      Manufactured to EN ISO 1181:2004 standards by our trusted partner, they’re made from 100% natural manila fibres. And as such, are a fantastic all-round performer – demonstrating strength and flexibility, excellent durability, resistance to UV rays and saltwater, and good knot retention.

      They’re also continuously stocked in our warehouse. Which means, if you place your order by midday, it’ll be dispatched immediately and usually arrives the next working day.

      Want to learn more?

      Before you buy manila rope, it’s worth taking a look through our website.

      You’ll find lots of additional information to help you make an informed decision – both on manila and the other natural fibre ropes available in our store. We also have a handy online tool, RopeFinder, which outlines the main properties of each rope and should help point you in the right direction.

      If you’re still unsure whether manila rope is the right choice for you or would like further advice on which product to buy, you’re also welcome to send an email to

      The natural fibres of Manila rope shrink when wet, which is why it’s worth adding 10-15% to the total length that you require. Manila demonstrates excellent knot retention. The knots become much tighter and more difficult to untie, meaning they’re less likely to slip. Coupled with a natural resistance to saltwater, this makes it an ideal choice for rigging, fishing nets and boat fenders.

      In recent years, manila ropes have also become a popular choice for rope-based exercise – as they’re inherently strong, and tough enough to withstand even the most intensive of training programmes. They’re an affordable, worthwhile addition to any gym setting. And as part of our battle ropes collection, we now offer manila ropes with black PVC end caps.

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