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Magicians Cord

Magicians Cord

Magicians Cord

In need of rope for your magic act? Something that both looks great and won’t let you down on show day? You’re in the right place.

6mm & 12mm Magician's Rope in 7 colours, made from a blend of cotton and acrylic fibres with a hollow core for a luxury feel.

RopesDirect is a leading UK supplier of magician's rope and cord and – whatever the nature of your magic tricks – we’re bound to have the ideal props for you.


A comprehensive selection of magicians rope

As part of our cords and braids collection, we currently stock Magician's Rope in a variety of popular colours, with something to suit all needs and preferences. This includes:

  • red
  • green
  • white
  • yellow
  • blue
  • orange
  • harlequin

6mm and 12mm cords are available - due to their hollow construction, this is only an approximate measurement and the exact diameter can vary. Magician's Rope can be bought by the metre or on 100m reels and it’s a reliable and cost-effective option for a wide range of illusions. 

What is Magician's Rope?

Essentially, it’s just a hollow braided rope – made from a luxurious blend of cotton and acrylic.

It’s very soft to touch, flexible and easy to work with on stage – and, as such, is most commonly used by magicians to perform their rope trick routines. However, thanks to its bright and attractive appearance, magicians rope is also a good option for interior design, clothes-making and crafts.

Why choose us for Magician's Rope?

Manufactured in the UK, our Magician's Rope is of the highest possible quality and guaranteed to last a long time – no matter how regularly you take it on stage! It’s available for a competitive price, starting from just 54p per metre, and can be delivered quickly to any address.

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