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Cotton Rope and Cotton Cord

Need cotton rope that is strong yet soft to touch?

No problem. Here at Ropes Direct, we stock a comprehensive range of cotton ropes and cotton cordsfor both domestic and commercial applications. These are all manufactured to the highest possible quality and priced very competitively. So, why not browse the collection today?

    A comprehensive range of soft cotton ropes

    As a leading supplier, we stock a variety of braided or twisted cotton ropes, with something to suit most requirements. These include:

    1. Cotton cord

    Made by us here in the UK, with an unbleached cotton outer and core. Our cotton cords are sold either by the metre or on a 250/500m reel and they come in three popular diameters: 3mm, 4mm and 4.5mm.

    2. Cotton rope

    Similarly, our cotton ropes can also be bought by the metre (with a continuous maximum length of 110m/220m) or on reels measuring 40 to 220 metres in length. A broad spectrum of diameters are available, ranging from 4mm to 32mm, and all ropes are 100% natural and unbleached.

    3. Firm lay cotton rope

    We currently stock 100% cotton ropes with a firm lay, in 24m coils.

    These are produced by an artisan UK business, using a traditional rope walk. You can choose from a range of colours, including natural, optic white, red, and black and, whilst 6mm-12mm ropes are available as standard, it’s possible to request any diameter up to a maximum of 36mm.

    4. Magician’s rope

    A recent addition to our cotton rope collection. Our magician’s cord is manufactured from a luxurious cotton-acrylic blend, with a flexible hollow core. 6mm and 12mm diameters are available. Both of which are sold by the metre and on 100m reels, in various eye-catching colourways.

    All of our cotton ropes and cords are made from spun cotton fibres and, as such, can be easily dyed using a proprietary hand-dye. They’re soft and comfortable to handle and – thanks to their first-class construction – are guaranteed to last a long time. Yet despite this, as a purely online retailer (without any overheads), we’re able to sell them at an affordable and unbeatable price.

    Got a question about cotton ropes?

    We have excellent knowledge of the products available and are always happy to help. So, if you’d like to pick our brains on the best cotton rope or cotton cord for your needs, be sure to get in touch. You can either give us a call on 01692 671721 to chat to a member of the team. Or alternatively, send a quick email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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