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Brass Oval Chain

Brass Oval Chain

Brass has many hardwearing properties that make it perfect for use as a metal chain. It does not rust, which makes it a dependable both indoors and outside as it will retain its quality in all weather conditions. It’s also hardwearing and will stand the test of time, making it perfect for all needs including for commercial use.

Some common uses of brass chain include bathroom plug chains and creating borders around flower beds. And because of its shiny and attractive appearance, brass chain is often used for decorative purposes too.

Our oval polished or chromed brass chains are strong and durable and suitable for a range of applications. They are available as 1.6mm, 1.8mm and 2.3mm, supplied  to you on sturdy 10m reels. And of course we offer a fast delivery service on all our products .

For more information about any of our products, or for help choosing the right brass chain for your needs, get in contact with us via email:  and we’ll be happy to help.

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