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Blue Polypropylene Rope

Blue Polypropylene Rope

Here at RopesDirect we have one of the UK’s largest online ranges of Blue Polypropylene Rope - and we can deliver quickly.

Blue Rope is ideal as a 'general purpose' rope - for things like mooring, towing, in building work or for securing loads. It is rot-proof and strong, which is why people use it outdoors or around water.

There's further general information in our "Be Inspired" blog: 6 Advantages of Polypropylene Rope and What is Polypropylene Rope Used For.

Watch our video - Polypropylene rope in 80 seconds - at the bottom of this page.

The pdf, below, contains the technical specifications for our Polypropylene Rope.

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    A comprehensive selection of blue rope

    We stock high-quality polypropylene rope in a wide range of diameters, from 4mm – 32mm. Depending on the exact length that you need, this can be bought:

    All of our blue Polypropylene Ropes are of exceptional quality, and available at a really competitive price – starting from just 48p per metre and £3.72 for a small coil. As such, they have become one of our best-selling products and we ensure we have a large stock in our warehouse at all times.

    Each blue rope comes with heat sealed ends as standard. But a range of alternative rope end finishes are also available – including whipped, soft spliced, hard spliced and more.

    Place your order for blue Polypropylene Rope

    Browse our full collection and, once you’ve found a blue rope that meets your requirements, simply add it to basket and checkout. Orders placed before 12pm will be delivered to your address the very next day.

    If you have any questions about our blue Polypropylene Rope – or would like advice on the best product for your needs – please feel free to get in touch. Just give us a call on 01692 671721 or send an email to


    What is blue Polypropylene Rope?

    Essentially, it’s a three-strand ‘general purpose’ rope.

    Constructed from polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer), it’s known for its strength and versatility – and has a wide range of beneficial properties. For example, blue rope is both rot-proof and resistant to acids and alkalis. It’s typically UV treated, making it a great option for prolonged outdoor use. What’s more, it’s able to float on water and will retain its integrity and shape whilst wet.

    What can Polypropylene Rope be used for?

    Polypropylene Rope is a versatile product that has many uses. It’s most commonly employed by large companies for a diverse range of commercial applications, including:

    • the towing of vehicles
    • mooring and marine work
    • building and construction
    • lashing nets to scaffolding
    • holding down marquees and tarpaulins
    • securing loads and luggage

    It’s also a popular choice amongst homeowners and gardeners for a variety of day-to-day uses (e.g. barrier ropes, washing line etc.)

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