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Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes

Choose from either grade 1 natural Manila Rope or from Braided Polyester Rope.

Our range of Battle Ropes are the perfect high-quality exercise equipment to add to your gym, personal training arsenal or personal workout kit. Versatile, adaptable and suitable for use in a wide range of exercises, Battle Ropes are quickly becoming a mainstay in gym training for a huge variety of athletes, whether they want to build strength and explosive power or endurance.

All our Battle Ropes have glued and heat set rigid end caps to prevent the ropes from fraying or unravelling.

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  • Battle Ropes

    What are Battle Ropes?

    Battle Ropes are becoming increasingly popular as an all-round fitness workout rope. Battle ropes are fun to use and can provide fantastic results for those wanting to improve muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and fat burning. The most common exercise people use are battle rope waves, which work each arm independently and keep the muscles under tension for extended periods, while another common exercise to use braided battle ropes for is crossovers, where instead of making waves, you slam the rope into the ground, helping to build more power and strengthen the core.

    Manila Battle Ropes

    Manila Battle Ropes are made from 32mm, 3-strand, grade-1 manila rope for a traditional-looking, heavy and durable rope. They look and feel great too, whether being used indoors or out.

    Traditionally used as ship’s rigging and in other marine uses, manila rope is one of the toughest, longest-lasting battle ropes available. Manila rope is made to take a beating, and manila battle ropes are perfect for heavy-duty use in even the most intense training regimes!

    Polyester Battle Ropes

    Polyester Battle Ropes are made from 35mm, 16-plait braided polyester rope over a multifilament polypropylene core for a heavy duty and flexible exercise rope. They're soft and comfortable to grip, don't shed hairs, are incredibly long lasting and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Particularly strong and durable, these battle ropes don’t compromise on comfort and flexibility, and are ideal for use in a variety of exercise programmes.

    The Advantages of Battle Ropes

    Battle ropes are becoming a common sight in gyms and personal training arsenals across the world for one reason: they work. Extremely versatile, battle ropes can be used in lots of ways to achieve different results, and each aspect of training with them can be personalised for a better result, whether you’re trying to build lean muscle mass, burn fat or build endurance.

    Able to work multiple muscle groups at once, battle ropes are commonly used in waves, to keep muscles in tension for long periods of time, providing excellent cardiovascular benefits and increasing lactic acid tolerance in the upper body, as well as building the mental endurance needed to reap the greatest rewards from your training. By working each arm independently, imbalances in strength and performance can be identified and resolved, bringing benefits in workouts far beyond the battle ropes themselves!

    How to Use Battle Ropes

    How to anchor Battle Ropes

    Battle ropes can be used in a range of exercises, limited only by your imagination!

    Battle Rope Waves

    Battle Rope Waves are used to prolong the application of tension across the different muscle groups used, because when carried out properly there is no down time for muscles to rest. At the beginning, when you’re just getting used to using battle ropes, it might seem a far off goal to be able to make battle rope waves for even one full minute. But with persistence, you can build endurance in the upper body, keeping those muscles working the ropes for 10 or 20 minutes without stopping. It is this unyielding endurance that makes battle ropes such a popular choice among performance athletes and personal trainers – as well as those people who just love to stay fit.

    Battle Rope Crossovers

    The other main technique using battle ropes is the battle rope crossover – rather than moving your arms independently to make waves, you hold the ends of the rope close together and lift them high over your head, before slamming them down on the ground as hard as possible. This exercise mostly works the core of the body, but is good for the arms and back as well, building explosive power and crushing endurance that will see you through any challenge.

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    If you would like to know more about battle ropes, such as the differences between manila and polyester, or you would like to buy battle ropes, RopesDirect can help you – we are the UK’s leading rope experts, and stock extremely high-quality battle ropes. All our battle ropes have glued and heat-set end caps, increasing their lifespan and making sure that you can use them in even the most strenuous exercise regimes.

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