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Barrier Ropes

Barrier Ropes

Barrier ropes from Ropes Direct

Looking for barrier ropes for effective crowd control? Maybe you need to create a visual barrier system, to guide people in the right direction? Or wish to divide floor space and define the boundaries of restricted areas?

We have just the rope for the job.

RopesDirect is home to a wide selection of synthetic and natural barrier ropes, with a colour and rope length to suit all needs and tastes. We also have a range of complementary brass rope fittings to choose from, including end hooks, trigger hooks and eye plates in various finishes.

More information to help you choose can be found at the bottom of the page, along with a helpful YouTube video, which explores the benefits of our PolySilk Barrier Ropes in detail.

    A wide range of Barrier Ropes

    All of our indoor and outdoor barrier ropes have a traditional three-strand and modern braided construction. Our wide range features:

    The mainstay of our ‘rope barrier’ collection. Our beautiful 24mm PolySilk Barrier Ropes come in seven colours (pink, red, purple, white, black, silver grey and navy) and can either be supplied by the metre or in pre-cut lengths (of 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m) with brass hooks pre-fitted.

    Made from multifilament polypropylene fibres, these are soft and smooth, yet demonstrate excellent strength and durability – making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Whilst many people opt for our soft-to-handle coloured barrier ropes, others want the ‘traditional’ rope look. And natural ropes (made from plant fibres) are perfect for gardens because any fibres that fall to the ground will rot safely into the soil.

    Our core range is Jute Rope and Synthetic Hemp Rope (our Jute Rope has a synthetic core for added strength and our Synthetic Hemp is an absolute best seller – it’s made from spun polyester, it’s soft to the touch and looks like natural rope).

    100% natural rope - we have a wide range of Natural Hemp Rope and Manila Rope.

    An option that is perfect for use as a barrier rope is our yacht rope in white. Made from multifilament polypropylene, this is strong yet soft-handling and available to purchase by the metre in 26mm and 34mm diameters.    

    Alternatively, you could opt for our 35mm braided black polyester. Also sold by the metre, this is a 16-plait braided polyester rope with a multifilament polypropylene core which lends itself well to use as a barrier rope.

    These have been made in the UK on a traditional rope walk, from spun polyester (to look and feel like dyed cotton) and are of the highest possible quality. But you need to hurry before stocks run out! This rope is no longer manufactured, so we’re selling what we have left on a first come first served basis.

    They are currently available in 24 and 32mm, in a range of colours (smaller diameters of PolyCotton, probably not thick enough for barriers or bannisters, also available).

    Whichever option you choose, our Barrier and Bannister Ropes can all be supplied with brass rope fittings  – our full range can be found in our Rope and Chain Fittings category. We can splice and finish rope ends for you too.

    What can barrier ropes be used for?

    Barrier ropes are most commonly used in public spaces as ‘crowd control ropes’. For example, to help people walk in the right direction (particularly in high traffic areas), to indicate queuing systems, or to cordon off and keep unauthorised personnel out of VIP areas in a practical yet tasteful way.

    They can also be used, indoors and outdoors, as elegant bannister or hand holds.

    Some of our customers have even used this synthetic, soft and striking rope in their gardens too.

    Want to find out more?

    Additional information on our barrier ropes can be found throughout the website, particularly in our blogs ‘PolySilk Barrier Ropes – the latest addition to our line-up’, ‘Barrier rope – the key to successful crowd control’ and ‘ The ideal barrier rope for your event’. So it’s worth taking a look at these!

    If you’re unsure which barrier or crowd control barrier rope is right for you, our RopeFinder tool should help to narrow down your options. If you need to get in touch, then send a message using our online form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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